Double Life

Video games have certainly involved since their inception years ago. It is now possible to live through a video game, literally create an alter ego and abandon real life. The following is a European Playstation commercial from 2006:



Video games have made it possible for the average person to in essence live out their dreams. They can go to war, command armies, conquer worlds, escape the four walls of their basic lives. Video games free us to do the things like life would normally stop us from doing, whether by physical, monetary or lifestyle means.

A perfect example of living through video games is one that still remains popular to this day.The Sims is described as a “strategic life simulation video game”, in which the players is responsible for all aspects of their Sim’s life. The player controls when the Sim eats, sleeps, makes friends, goes shopping, gets married, has sex, has children and even dies. The player is also in charge of making sure their Sim’s creative and skillfull  needs are met, such as reading, exercise and socialization.  The Sims is the best selling PC game in history, as it allows players to create their own little world, some of whom may get lost in it. Story lines are created from birth, continue as the Sim goes through adolescence, become adults, elderly and eventually die.


Another example of a game that allows the player to lose themselves in an alternate world is Second Life. Much like the Sims, Second Life relies on the user to make the creative decisions. Second Life was seen on “The Office”, when the character Dwight chose to recreate his exact life onto Second Life.


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