Laides and Gentelmen….the iBall

The myBall interactive presentation is a funny demonstration of a ball that can do it all in the 21st century. It is a satirical jab at the iGeneration and how it is effecting both kids and adults. The product offers a  variety of interesting features that seem real and are probably not too far off in the near future. But for now they are just funny and reminds me of what audiences must have felt like after watching 2001 space odyssey.

“No need to fret over missing another soccer game or recital, MyBall will record for to you enjoy watching it over and over!”

This new amazing fictional product reminds me of how dependent we all are to technology, a fact which is painfully obvious for some but eludes others who are desensitized. This product is way over the top of course, it promises to schedule your medication out for you so you never have to worry about that important stuff ever again. It comes in all shapes and sizes so you can accessorize it form you favorite football team to your own religion and then make have a cowboy hat on top just because.  This automated way of life always makes me think of George Carlins rants on the modern man




The author of this work was spot on with how accurate sarcasm on  technology’s affect on culture. The work satirizes the rhetoric and reasoning of so many commercial ventures, as well as the rhetoric and content of commercial media arts. I recommend this Adobe Flash driven presentation to anyone else who thinks that the best technology is wasted on the the worst generation. Unfortunately it also allows the parents of this generation to play CIA on their kids and leave them with no privacy, literally tracking and recording them at every move. Technologies exponential advances will undoubtedly have an array of negative implications on our cultures youth, which is why I can wait for the my myBall and enjoy what we have and DONT have now.




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