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I played through this game twice to try to get a basic understanding of the plot. This story could be taken many different ways, but what I seemed to gather from it was that the 2 characters Emily and Jeff were in the future and Judith and her husband were in the past (since Emily had said that the castle they were walking through had been abandoned for years.) Judith went to discover things in the castle on her own, and rather than confronting her husband about the things she found, she just drew up assumptions that her husband was a terrible person(which I guess he was for killing all of his former wives). I feel that the story was all about trust; after this trust wasn’t displayed toward her husband, she was punished.  His other wives who had  failed his “test” in the past were also punished with death. I honestly couldn’t figure out how Jeff and Emily’s story linked to Judith’s story. I enjoyed the story overall, and how so much can be explained from such a low graphic game.

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  1. cmccrzy
    January 31, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    I think the idea of the past and future story is that you are discovering the story behind all the strange things Jeff is finding in present time, by exploring Judith’s memories. You discover the idea to go to the bookcase because Judith found it (properly working). You discover the treasure room (although why the necklace is Emily’s when Judith finds it back in her time is confusing) after Judith does. You discover the empty torture chamber covered in blood, and find that it is empty only because Judith took care of a prisoner there (although possibly not the last prisoner) and buried him in the garden you later find, which explains the body you find buried there afterward.

    I question how Emily ended up in that far-off room. Could she possibly have been possessed by Judith’s spirit? Dying of starvation/dehydration kind of really sucks, so maybe her spirit remained behind and haunted the place. It doesn’t seem to take over Jeff (he doesn’t react to any of the memories), so you have to wonder how you’re seeing through Judith’s memories. Maybe that’s the connection – Emily was possessed and followed in Judith’s footsteps and found the room (although the time for that to happen doesn’t make sense). Maybe Judith’s ghost teleported her there or something.

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