“Passing” Through Life

My first attempt at playing Passage, by Rohrer, was extremely unsuccessful.  The only thing that I did was move straight foreword, because I realized that moving backwards or up either didn’t serve a purpose, or didn’t do anything at all.  After a few frustrating trials, I discovered that going ‘down’ was a possibility. Once I figured this out, multiple connections were made between what this game was preaching and what happens in real life.  I found all of these connections to be extremely interesting.

One of these connections that I found was that in the game, you could not see too far ahead of yourself at any one point.  Therefore, you just had to make decisions based on what you knew at the time being, and what your character had previously gone through.  This concept is extremely similar to actual life because when making decisions, you can’t look into the future and see what turns out best; you just have to do what you think is best with the information you know at the time.  Another connection I was able to make between real life and the game of Passage is that the deeper down you go into the game, the more obstacles there are to conquer.  This is the same as living out real life because the deeper people get involved with different aspects of life, the more likely a person is to run into obstacles.  An additional connection I found was that at the end of the game, when ones wife dies and the character is old and single, he moves slower than he did earlier in his life.  The reason this correlates to real life is because once a person gets older, their life seems to move at a slower pace; as if they aren’t in any sort of hurry.

After playing the game a few times, I looked online and found this article,  http://hcsoftware.sourceforge.net/passage/statement.html.  After reading it, I realized many things.  One of these things I learned from reading that article is that there were more choices in the game to be made than I originally had thought.  For example, it hadn’t occurred to me that when beginning the game, it was not necessary to encounter your wife and that it was possible to skip the part of finding love.  I then realized that it was easier to navigate through many of the obstacles when you were only traveling with yourself, rather than a person along side of you.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game and had a lot of fun discovering all of the connections between the game and real life.

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