Wheel of Misfortune

Who knew one of life’s greatest mysteries would be answered by a video game. This is how you will you die is not only as creepy as it sounds but it is also pretty fun.  Unlike those fortune cookies, who always seem to kiss up to you in one way or another, this game gives it to you straight. It is a pretty amusing way to past the time and once you get past the darkness of it all it is pretty funny as well.


This is definitely a creative use of the slot machine and hyper text. I’m not sure how it works on the back end but it generates randomly some of the most interesting possible plot points you can imagine and of course there is no happy ending. I would recommend this game to anyone who is interested in the spiritual world stuff or just has some free time on their hands. The pictures are pretty dark and the ominous tones in the background definitely don’t help the atmosphere.


The writing divides the scenarios into location, method, result and post-result of each death possibility. Additionally, you can win death videos/poetry visuals and free spins. I think some of these random scenarios would make great writing prompts for free thinking edgar allen poe type writers or just making up ridiculous stuff. The situations are so bizarre that it is hard to take it seriously. I would love to make a fortune telling website like this where it gives you the hard truth about something and make it funny, but not necessarily as dark as this site does.





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