Tao- Funneling to a Detailed Point

When looking through the “Links” posted on the blog, I had a very difficult time picking one to read. Tao by Reiner Strasser and Alan Sondheim however, stood out to me.  The first time I watched it, I didn’t understand what was meant by the slow moving video and the words beneath it.  After watching it many times however, I realized that there were many things I was missing.  For example, as the video progresses, the picture gets more detailed.  Along with the evidently more detailed video, comes more detailed descriptions.  The first of three phrases is very broad.  As the phrases continue, they get more detailed.  With the progression of the phrases comes a feeling of sincerity.  I felt as if the details were going to get to detailed as to ‘hit home’.  Another thing that I found interesting after analyzing Tao is that the video is made up of two different videos that seem to have a different view on the same occurrence.   To me, the poem was made up this way in order to prove a point that things that happen can be seen in many different ways.  Watching Tao opened my eyes to a different type of literature.

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