I started exploring the electronic lit collections to get a better feel of what electronic literature actually is.  I found a lot of different choices but was hoping to find something more cohesive than what we had looked at in class so far.  However, I was drawn to Letterscapes by Peter Cho.  This totally blew my mind as it was nothing like what I considered “literary” so far.  Letterscapes allows the viewer to select a letter and manipulate it.  That is what is drew me to this piece as it was entertaining to play with and there was nothing to read.  It is similar to the pieces that we have looked at in class as it is based on user interaction.  However, it is different as there is no story behind it.  It is still very disjointed as you can only look at one letter at a time and each letter is manipulated in a different way.  I think what is attractive about this work is that for someone who has no familiarity with electronic literature, it is focused on the alphabet which is very familiar to everyone.  I did not expect to like electronic literature but I find that I am being drawn more and more to its’ very hands on and interactive nature.  Peter Cho has another work called Wordscapes that I haven’t had a chance to explore but am looking forward to trying it and seeing how it compares to Letterscapes.




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