Colossal Cave Adventure: The Experience

I chose to take this course because I was very interested in actually discovering what electronic literature actually was. After some intense Google searching, I came to realize that electronic literature was really any literary work that was created on a computer or electronic devise to be enjoyed on a computer or electronic devise. Having this information at the forefront of my mind, I came into this course with the assumption that I would probably be reading various texts on the computer. Much to my surprise, after the first class when Professor Whalen explained all that the course actually entailed, I happened to hear the word games mentioned in the course description. i thought to myself surely I misheard the professor no way would we be allowed to play games in an upper level English course like this. Just at the moment I happened to look at the syllabus and I read the words clearly GAMES. I could not believe it was true. This was going to be the best Literature class I had ever taken. I was sure of it.

When we were assigned our first game, Colossal Cave Adventure, I was so excited to be playing a game for homework that I began to fantasize about how the game would go. Later on that night I went online to read up on Colossal Cave Adventure before diving into the actual game. After reading several, not so stellar reviews, I was nervous and decided, maybe it was time that I check it out for myself instead of simply taking the opinions of several unknown others.

When I began the game, at first, I was confused about exactly how to phrase commands. I started the game a few different times and it seemed like each time I got a bit further and a bit further. Eventually I got so far that I was actually in the cave. I found that once inside the cave however, I seemed to be caught in some sort of loop involving me, an angry dwarf, and an axe. After about an hour of continuous play I decided to end the game. When I came back later on with renewed confidence, I fell prey to the vicious loop yet again. Though I was pleased with how far I had gotten I wanted to see how far others had gotten as well. I decided to turn to my trusty advisor, GOOGLE. While searching, I stumbled upon the video below. I thought it would be a great idea to add it to this post so that everyone could see it.



Now that you know my experience with Colossal Cave Adventure, I would like to hear about yours. What was the Colossal Cave Adventure experience  like for you?

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