Colossal Cave Adventure- Progress at its finest

Video games today are generally very complex and include many graphics and controls.  These adventure games were not always so complex.  In fact Colossal Cave Adventure, one of the first text-based video games, included only very simple controls and commands.  For the gamer today, this game may prove to be more difficult than it seems, maybe due to the fact that the player must remember to type simple commands such as “Go north” instead of just using an analog stick to run in that direction. The game itself  is a complex ongoing adventure, although the controls may be simple.  The game itself is actually more than a mere leisure activity.

Colossal Cave Adventure was created in the 1970’s by Will Crowther. It is believed by many to be the very first interactive text-based computer game.  This game is centered around text;  the player must type directions to the computer in order to maneuver around the cave. Although the game is based off of a real cave that Will Crowther explored there are no graphics featured in this game,  therefore it can be very difficult for the player to imagine their self inside of this cave.  It can be especially difficult to grasp this game if one is used to playing games that are based on the graphics.

Prior to playing this game, I never associated video gaming with literature.  Sure, I knew that video games had text in them but I believed that that was not all it took to be considered literature.  As I began playing, however, I began to see the connection with the text.  The “adventure” was creating and unfolding a story- and that was undeniably literature.

If you have never played any type of text adventure game like this before, it may be helpful to browse through some of the many guides available online today.  Personally. when I began playing this game I immediately got lost.  I had no idea where I was within minutes of playing the game, but the tutorials online really helped.  Once I began to grasp the concept of the game, the adventure got pretty adventurous, for lack of a better word.  There are dragons and all sorts of obstacles in this game, just like many other games we play today.

Although this game may be outdated, the concept of it has been a model for almost every video game that gamers play today.  The idea of maneuvering a player around and interacting with obstacles is the basis for almost every video game I can think of.  Although the game may not be as popular today, its idea is still relevant and has been the basis for progress in the video-game society and that makes it extremely relevant especially today.

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