A Fist Full of Homestuck

Recently I have been following a story called Homestuck. I guess it most closely resembles a webcomic, but it is so much more than that. The way the story is told is very unique and takes full advantage of several mediums the can only be accessed through computers. I hesitate to call it a web comic because it only has one panel per page. Each panel has at least one image and usually has text. Images are used to tell the story as much as the text. They always support the text and often continue the story without it. It also uses flash videos, although it purposely avoids verbal dialogue between characters in each video. Another way it tells the story is through small flash games.

I find the way the story is being told because it is truly original and cannot be shown effectively through anything that not a computer. The story of Homestuck is very complex, with many twists, lots of confusing aspects (time travel, lots of time travel), and is very long. Having images instead of just text helps the story flow and helps keep the story organized. The images also make blocks of text that would make little sense on their own more clear an understandable.

What’s also interesting is the use of videos and flash games. High points, or important points in the story often receive a flash video with a musical accompaniment. The video portrays the event(s) in a new way, and the intentional omission of spoken dialogue leaves the story more open for interpretation, while still providing a clear order of events and providing direction for the story. The flash games also provide an interesting way to explore the story. The flash games are great for gaining a better understanding of the characters and the workings of the Homestuck universe. They allow the reader to see the characters interact through motion and textual dialogue. It also provides a way of exploring and gaining a clear the universe without becoming bogged down by tedious amounts of still images or text.

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  1. cottontail
    January 26, 2012 at 8:57 pm

    I’ve been reading(/watching/playing) Homestuck for a little over a year, and I was wondering if anyone would bring it up in this class. While I have a lot of problems with the actual narrative, I agree that the format is uniquely engaging.

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