Inanimate Alice, Do You Guys Know How To Post Videos to Facebook?

In a world where we can take videos on our cell phones, which are literally no bigger than a hand, and instantly post them on not only the computer but the world wide web, it is hard to imagine a time when games with graphics and video were non existant and games were only played by typing commands to a computer. Children as young as four and five can operate a Nintendo DS and can explain in detail how ds download works and how they can link with other people to play games on their hand-held device.

In episode one of Inanimate Alice, an 8 year old girl uses blogging and her cell phone to describe her life in China. Her blog uses incredible graphics of live screen shots and animated objects like Brad that she creates on her phone. She uses text but she brings her story to life by adding features that allow the reader to interact with her phone, to take pictures of flowers, to send them to her father, and to show Brad. The phone shoes a gps to help find her dad and all of this technology is being used by a young girl of eight. Alice uses the interaction to bring her story to life and makes her relatable to other children. What child doesn’t want a dog or to go to a pool with a friend without their mom? Alice is a representation of a 21st century eight year old where  parents replace household pets with technology.

In the 21st century, the world has evolved from large computer modules with a slow modem and text only prompts to instant streaming, access to pictures, videos, and other graphics that even a child can use. To ask some one in the 21st century how to post videos to Facebook would result in a WTF? Are you serious…response. Elit has become more than someone giving text commands to the computer, the computer can now tell a story through pictures and interactive devices along with the text.

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