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Black Out

For this blog, I decided to read a poem by Johannes Auer. What is special about this poem is that the reader is are creating it. The Artist gives you a gun and in the gun, there is a word from the poem. Once you click on that poem, you are taking out that word from the poem which leaves…


Cleverbot. I am sure you’ve heard of the little robot that is supposedly smarter than the average human. When you think of clever, you think of analytical, you think of the mathematical left side of the brain. Now think of poetry, when we think of poetry we think of florally, creative words that are pretty and thought inspiring. We feel something. I was wondering if you could blend the ideas of analytical with poetry, what could be created?

DmC and the Ugly Beast Called Reboot

The Devil May Cry series has been a beloved franchise in gaming ever since its introduction in 2001. The game series focused on Dante, a half-human, half-demon hybrid who hunted demons for a living after the demon king Mundus killed his family and locked away his father, the demon Sparda. The series featured critically-acclaimed combat and the gaming community quickly latched onto…

A Matter of Choice

For this blog, I decided to try my hand at Twine since I focused all of my attention on Inform 7 for the creative project. I made a simple hypertext choose your own adventure,  A Matter of Choice. I thought using this program would be more difficult since I hadn’t used it since we learned it in class, but it…