Pieces of a Wunderkammer

  I found Juliet Davis’s Pieces of Herself through the Electronic Literature Collection (volume 3) I selected it because it reminded me of Shelly Jackson’s My Body a Wunderkammer (MBW). Pieces of herself was made in 2003-2005, so I think it is certainly possible it was inspired by the work of Shelly Jackson. Both have similarities in that they are…

Youtube Annotations

Choose Your Own Youtube Adventure!

Interactive Fiction games are fun in their own way, but what about an interactive video? I’m not just talking about when a youtuber says, “Click here to subscribe!” But rather, Youtube videos that give you choices within a story. These interactive videos are similar to ‘Chose Your Own Adventure’ books, but include the element of a visual, similar to a…

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Finding My Body

Pieces of Herself by Juliet Davis Pieces of Herself is about the journey this woman took to find herself or to find her own identity. The theme identity is clearly found on the entry screen. It states “Her friends said she needed to “find” herself. And sure enough, when she found pieces of herself everywhere…” This poem tells a story about…


How to Kill a Vampire in McDonald’s

There are a lot of different hypertext games that are out there and for those that don’t know what hypertext is, it’s basically a way to tell a story by clicking on different links. There’s a competition held each year to vote for whose new hypertext game is the best. Since the competition has not opened yet for this year,…

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Interactive Stories On The Go: Choice Of Games

Have you ever wished you could read/play some interactive fiction type games while your stuck in traffic or from the comfort of your bed? Yes? Ok, great. Cause it’s totally possible. See what I’m talking about is this awesome game company by the name of Choice of Games. Their a small Californian company with a variety of titles out. I personally came…


The Pain of Acceptance

Warning: The piece discussed in this post contains themes of transphobia, sexual assault, and suicide. Acceptance is a video game about being transgender. It’s short, it’s simple, and it’s painful. It’s the kind of game that you won’t enjoy, no matter how you play, but that you ought to play anyway. To back up a bit, in 2014 a transgender teenager…

town of salem

Mafia versus Town… of Salem

One of my favorite online games, Town of Salem, is an online multiplayer game that involves a bit of strategy. It can be found on BlankMediaGames and is a strategy game that involves several online players fulfilling “roles” in-game. There are 3 teams in the game: The Mafia, The Neutrals, and The Town. Each role fits into one of these categories.…

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The Game Behind the Game

Jason Nelson’s Game, Game, Game, and Again Game is a piece of electronic literature presented as a game. It resembles games such as Super Mario or Donkey Kong, but Nelson himself calls it poetry. He describes it as “ a digital poem, retro-game, and anti-design statement and a personal exploration of the artist’s changing worldview lens. In this piece of…

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Tattoos for ELit

“From this time on, participants will be known as “words”. They are not understood as carriers or agents of the texts they bear, but as its embodiments…. As words die the story will change; when the last word dies the story will also have died. The author will make every effort to attend the funerals of her words.” Shelley Jackson’s…