Author: ldunn93

Slicing Through the Page: Poetry and Collaboration in “Cut to the Flesh”

“Cut to the Flesh,” a multi-media poem by Jody Zellen and Deena Larsen, is a work that embodies the creative and collaborative merits of digitally produced literature. The words in this piece belong to Zellen, but the source format was a “page space” created by Larsen. “Page space” in electronic literature refers to platforms created by an outside source for…

Blasting Words Away: Poetry as Video Game in Jim Andrews’ Arteroids

“Arteroids,” a work of electronic poetry by prominent digital author Jim Andrews, is an original fusion of media that exhibits the merits and necessity of electronically produced works. A Canadian “web artist,” Andrews is known for producing projects that utilize technology’s potential for expression and “Arteroids” is no exception.  The piece is based on the classic “Asteroids” video game created…

Puzzled Poetics: Jason Nelson Makes a Rubix Cube

The noise of a distorted power chord greeted me once I entered Jason Nelson’s “Birds Still Warm from Flying,” a sound that gave way to rhythmic tambourine accompanied by an occasional frog-like croak. Through this project, I experienced work that demonstrates Jason Nelson’s reputation for producing bizarre, unsettling pieces of digital literature, works that I’ve found to be original and…

No Sleep Tonight: The Lucid Nightmares of a Dream Journal

“Inside: A Journal of Dreams” by Andy Campbell and Judi Alston provides a chilling glimpse into the nature of madness, the implications of our dreams, and the ways in which reality is perceived. In short: it has the power to convince you that you’ve gone mad. A work of digital fiction from the web series, “Inside: A Journal of Dreams” is an interactive, immersive experience that finds readers dissecting an increasingly disturbing dream diary.