Electronic literature: literary work that is born digital.

This website is a group blog documenting one class's exploration of the world of electronic literature. Building on the work of previous semesters, Spring 2017 students will be posting short scholarly analysis of new and new-to-us elit.

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Dibagan and the audio assault.

Brian Kim Stefans’ Dibagan recounts the story of a reporter and his cameraman who were caught in an RPG attack against a foreign troop convoy in Iraq. Stefans includes five bars at the bottom of the screen which consistently change color between green and red. Directly above these bars lie a jumble of words (“consuming, culminates, stumbling, curdles, fisheye,” etc…) which…

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Castro’s Pixel Party – Informative Visual Poetics

Over 70 images line the left-hand side of E.M. de Melo e Castro’s Algorritmos page in the Digital PO.EX file library. These images of digital poetry use visual space to convey emotion, experience, and pain through a digital medium. To me, the Algorritmos look like kinetic typography frozen in time: a still shot. Titled “insigno panoramic (39),” this .jpg boasts…

Google Gives Birth to Poems

Our class’ definition of electronic literature as literary work that is born digital aptly describes Sampsa Nuotia and Raisa Omaheimo’s work “Google Poetics”. Their constantly growing collection of poems is an insightful, humorous, and sometimes saddening side effect of Google’s autocomplete feature.     While Sampsa Nuotia and Raisa Omaheimo are the archivers of the work it is impossible for…

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Save Me or Let me Go…The Will of E.R. Millhouse

“Living Will” by Mark C Marino is an interactive poem that names the reader executor of networking tycoon E. R. Millhouse’s will, which is the interactive poem. Millhouse is dying of a parasite infection he caught in his time working and living in the Congo. In making allotments, Millhouse divides his wealth and estate among four people: his son, Nigel;…


Two Streams Diverged for a Yellow Duck

I was fascinated by the hyperlink stories we played in class this semester, but had always wondered if there were any similar games that used a comic format rather than text. After poking around on some e-lit archives, I found a hypercomic that was categorized for children. Being a child at heart who still thinks rubber duckies make bath time…

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Treasures Beneath the Earth

Christine Wilks, writer of Inkubus, Fitting the Pattern, and Rememori, is a leading voice in the world of electronic fiction. Wilks works mostly in Flash and many of her works centralize around a cyberfeminism theme. Her work, Underbelly, fits this theme and can be described as a playable story that blends poetry and gaming for a very intense experience. This…


Blurred: Multimedia Literature

Pry  by Samantha Gorman. Published by Tender Claws.     Pry is a multimedia reading experience created by Samantha Gorman and published by Tender Claws. Pry is a short novella that combines text, touch screen interaction and video to create a new interaction between reader and literature. Pry, released in 2014, has made waves within the electronic literature community with its…